Dining Solo in San Francisco? These are the Best Restaurants for Treating Yourself!

Maybe you just need to relax this weekend and dine on your own. Maybe, you just need some alone time but don’t want Doordash delivering food to you.

Maybe you’re just really craving a certain type of food and would rather catch up on thinking about your own issues than hearing about your friend’s. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of solutions out there for people who just need some time to dine alone in San Francisco.

1. Media Noche

Media Noche serves fast-casual Cuban food in a space that has a unique interior design. It’s an easy spot to go get a quick and delicious bite whether that is a sandwich, salad, or a traditional Cuban bowl. This is a hidden gem for Cuban food lovers. From reviews, the Cubano sandwich is phenomenal, and they do a rice and bean and brisket bowl that most reviewers love.

Media Noche comes with a lot of individual seatings for people who just need to chill and relax!

2. Nopa

The food at Nopa is on point! This place is known for traditional food like the flatbread and the pork chop, but they also make changes each day to adjust for what’s trending. This is what makes this place stand out. Most restaurants don’t swap menus that often, but Nopa is different and has a unique approach.

It gives you a vintage feel and they play traditional music with a good vibe.

You can also eat really well at Nopa without spending a ton. Quite an affordable option!

Check out their delicious bacon burger!

3. Cordon Bleu

In the Nob hill area and feeling some Asian food? Check out Cordon Bleu, a well known Vietnamese stable. Cordon Bleu is a small Vietnamese lunch counter in Lower Pac Heights. One of the things that we love the most about Cordon Bleu is the simple bar setting. They have 9 individual bar seats for people who just need a good and quick grub!

The menu isn’t huge and includes things like traditional Viet spring rolls and spicy pork chops. Our favorite is #5 – a platter of fried pork spring rolls, shish kebab, and five-spice roasted chicken served over rice with meat sauce and cabbage salad gets you the most for your money and you’ll be able to test a little bit of everything.

4. Delfina Mission

Defina is located in the Mission district and has been around for many many years. The menu is wonderfully simple and extremely satisfying. What’s unique? Try spaghetti with plum tomatoes, garlic, and pepperoncini, which is probably one of their most unique dishes on the menu and the locals love it as well!

5. El Farolito

San Francisco’s Mission District is the birthplace of the most important food group: burritos. With the variety of taquerias in San Francisco, you’ll be sure to find the burrito that fits your style. La Taqueria, El Toro, La Corneta, Pancho Villa, and Taqueria Guadalajara are just a few of the taquerias you’ll find in the Mission, but many locals will argue El Farolito reigns supreme.

What separates El Farolito from the rest of the taquerias is its quality, consistency, and accessibility. El Farolito is known for its huge, perfectly wrapped hot pressed burritos made with fresh ingredients that will satisfy any burrito lover around the world. With its late hours and two locations on Mission Street, El Farolito will never let you down after a night out of drinking. Next time you stumble out of Bruno’s on a Saturday night, make sure you order a Super Burrito with shrimp and carne asada.

6. Golden Boy Pizza!!

Head over to Golden Boy Pizza for a fresh slice of clam and garlic. That’s what their known for! Individual slices for the win and perfect for dining solo.

This North Beach staple is a favorite among locals and out-of-towners. There’s often no seating and you’ll usually need to wait outside to order your food, but once you understand what Golden Boy is all about, standing outside is a minor inconvenience you’ll be happy to encounter.

With grunge music blaring and its dimly lit interior, it has the atmosphere of a dive bar, but that only exemplifies the charm of this neighborhood gem. If you want a taste of real San Francisco, come to Golden Boy Pizza.

Go explore!

These are some of our most favorite restaurants for dining solo, but don’t let this list stop you! There are many options out there for those that want to dine solo and exploring is a big part of it!



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