Turning Strangers Into Friends

Turning Strangers Into Friends | HomeShare Residents | HomeShare

In spite of being surrounded by a vibrant and bustling city, moving to a new area can often leave a person feeling isolated and a bit lonely. We found that even in the age of the internet, where dates can be found with the swipe of a finger, finding lasting friendships can be a seemingly impossible task.

This is where HomeShare comes in. Our goal is to bring people together, not just as housemates, but also as members of a larger community. By using our advanced algorithm along with an expert matching team, we don’t simply create groups of housemates; we bring together soon-to-be friends.

One such group is Colin, Lawrence, and Randy at LSeven. Coming from hometowns ranging from Milwaukee to Atlanta, their paths weren’t likely to cross without some help from HomeShare. These three amigos knew they were destined to become good friends upon first meeting each other. After a night of drinking and making fun of each other, ending with one XL Pizza to share, the group knew they were a perfect fit. Since move-in, this group can be seen making Costco trips together and being the life of the party at Homie events across the city!


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