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San Francisco


One of the most interesting places that I have stumbled upon, while walking through the streets of San Francisco, is Borderlands. Borderlands is located right at 866 Valencia Street and is truly a sight to behold. It solely focuses on catering to the Science Fiction crowd — with Fantasy and Mystery books intertwined. They carry a vast selection of both new and used books, to which their staff is both knowledgeable and willing to help throughout your visit. One point that speaks volumes to their business is that they are supported by sponsors, needing 300 to stay in business. With the help of their loyal customers, they have managed to continue supplying a spot for a genre that typically just has a few shelves in other stores. Not only do they have a glorious selection of books, but they also have various events at the store as well. From book signings to book clubs it is truly a bookworm’s dream to be here! We hope that you end up loving it as much as we do!

New York

The Strand

Not being in New York myself I reached out to the person who knows all about the Big Apple, Sarah. Sarah pointed me in the direction of Strand, which houses over 18 miles of new, used, and rare books. At Strand, you’re both able to buy and sell books so that someone else can enjoy the stories you have completed. Another great place for book lovers, Strand offers almost daily events. They offer events of all types with the ability to even pre-order signed books if you can’t make it! Currently, they have six locations available throughout the city and at their main location of 828 Broadway they are open until 10:30 PM every day! If you’re looking for a place that has it all with the staff to point you in the right direction then I would highly suggest checking out the New York bookstore staple, Strand.

Silicon Valley

Recycle Bookstore

For those that love both books and cats, Recycle Bookstore has exactly what you need! Vouched for by Mike, there are two locations available: one in San Jose (1066 The Alameda) and another in Campbell (275 E. Campbell Ave.) There are currently three cats to entertain while visiting: Bob, Emma, and the young Ender. All three have their own biographies on their website, so you can tell that they are the true reason to visit this wonderful world of paper and fur! Other than the cats, Recycle Bookstore also has a grand selection of books to choose from. On the internet they specialize in rare and out of print books, their selection can be found here. In person, they house both new and used books, but don’t let the used books scare you. They focus on hand-picking thousands of the best used books! If you ever get the chance to visit, make sure that you give all the cats a pet from everyone at HomeShare!

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