HomeShare’s Favorite Neighborhood Spots

“Porrige” at Benu

Rincon Hill

  • A quick bite — The Bird — 115 New Montgomery St: Good fried chicken can be hard to find, but for a cheap (and optionally spicy) chicken sandwich this is your place to visit.
  • The perfect lunch — Fayala — 215 Fremont St: A lunchtime favorite of the HomeShare team, this Mediterranean place is the best lunch stop around.
  • A special occasion — Benu — 22 Hawthorne St: With three Michelin stars, the exquisite tastes inside are only rivaled by an equally extravagant price tag.
  • No frills and filling — Garaje — 475 3rd St: Mexican street food and an awesome beer list, this is a great place to pregame a Giants game.
  • A fun night out — Local Edition — 691 Market St: This cocktail bar is hidden behind a nondescript tinted glass door, with the dark bar and Jazz performances happily concealed below Market Street.


A sushi master hard at work in Omakase

  • The best sandwich in townDeli Board — 1058 Folsom St: An awesome lunch spot with truly special pastrami, it’s only open for a couple hours but worth it if you’re getting tired of Ikes.
  • The perfect lunch or dinner — HRD — 521a 3rd St: When you’re still craving burritos but want a fresh take this is your spot. The Korean Mexican fusion works wonders as your switch out al pastor for bulgogi beef.
  • A special occasion — Omakase — 665 Townsend St: Widely considered the best sushi spot in SF, this Michelin starred sushi restaurant will blow your mind as you break the bank.
  • No frills dinner — Marlowe — 500 Brannan St: Serving traditional American fare and the best burger in town, Marlowe’s convenient location and no-fuss menu makes it a reliable and delicious place to for a great meal.
  • A fun night out — Folsom Street Foundry — 1425 Folsom St: On each Thursday evening, this nondescript warehouse around the corner from LSeven turns into SOMA’s coolest bar. With free-to-play video games from consoles spanning decades, beer pong tournaments, and board games, this spot offers something different from the usual fare.


San Francisco’s best croissants at Neighbor Bakehouse

  • A pastry paradise — Neighbor Bakehouse — 2343 3rd St: Serving freshly baked breads, breakfast sandwiches, and decadent baked goods, this bakery has it all. Don’t be intimidated by the line snaking around the corner, it moves fast and is well worth it.
  • A special occasion — ‘āina— 900 22nd St: This Hawaiian inspired eaterie is best known for its spectacular brunch, but is no slouch when it comes to dinner either!
  • The perfect lunch spot — Marcella’s Lasagneria — 1099 Tennessee St: For lasagna and homemade pasta, look no further than Marcellas! Full menu is available until 3:30pm and lasagna to-go until 4:30pm
  • No frills dinner — Hard Knox Cafe — 2526 3rd St: Soul food can be hard to find in SF, making Hard Knox a virtual Oasis for those craving good chicken and even better cornbread
  • A fun night out — Harmonic Brewing — 1050 26th St: A great up-and-coming brewery just blocks down the road from Abaca, Harmonic is a great option for those wanting to order a cheap flight

East Bay

Bakesale Betty’s famous fried chicken sandwich

  • For those who can’t make up their mind — Public Market – 5959 Shellmound St: Have a craving, you can literally get anything you want as 13 restaurants are featured here!
  • No frills dinner — Homeroom — 400 40th St: Who doesn’t like comfort food. Homeroom is your go-to for the best mac and cheese around!
  • A quick bite — Bakesale Betty’s – 5098 Telegraph Ave: The best cheap meal/fried chicken sandwich EVER.
  • A fun night out — Propaganda — 4000 Adeline St: Great cocktails and solid beer list. The food will not disappoint. Also a great place to catch the game!

South Bay

A loaded burger from The Oxford

  • Brunch with a bar — Metro City — 151 S Murphy Ave: A great modern diner with a rustic decor, this is the breakfast spot on Murphy ave.
  • A nice night out — The Oxford— 195 S Murphy Ave: London street food in an elegant setting, with the added bonus of awesome Cocktails.
  • No frills dinner — Dishdash — 190 S Murphy Ave: Authenticity is put at a premium at this Mediterranean eatery. But be warned, this place gets packed so make reservations.
  • The perfect lunch spot — Back A Yard — 1189 Willow Rd: With jerk chicken to die for, this colorful and casual Carribean grill is great for those looking for something different.
  • A quick bite — Nom Burger — 251 W Washington Ave: For a straightforward, quality burger and out-of-this-world loaded tater tots, Nom Burger is the place to go to satisfy your carnivorous cravings.

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