Inside HomeShare — Meet Allison

Tell me a story that has greatly influenced where you are today. I grew up in a not so great situation with a lot of family issues. Since school was my safe place and my place to shine, I put my heart & soul into academics. Being able to do well in school and make it to college helped me get out of that situation and have the motivation to do something awesome in life. My mom passed away when I was still in school and I didn’t really know my dad, so having to financially support myself at a young age really motivated me as well. I’ve always been passionate about helping people, so from teaching to guiding people’s housing transitions, this motivation has definitely gotten me where I am today.

Did you always know you wanted to help people find housing? I actually started college as pre-med! After shadowing a pediatrician for 6 months I fell in love with the kiddos and decided on teaching. After a few years teaching elementary math and science in Austin, I moved to the bay area. Finding housing was completely nuts, so I felt extremely lucky to come across HomeShare. I started helping with tours part-time as a Homie, and it’s pretty much history from there! I worked alongside Carrie Krabes to fill the rest of our units at LSeven then took over everything from tours to matching to billing at our new building, 855 Brannan. It’s been a really perfect fit for me, and I’ve been able to transfer a lot of skill sets from teaching over to my role here.

It looks like HomeShare wasn’t originally the plan. So how does a girl that grew up on a chicken farm in rural Texas end up in San Francisco? Age old story, a boy! I was flying out here every other Friday for a couple years to visit after we met in Texas and he moved out here for grad school at Stanford. When he asked me to move here last July, I was over the moon! We signed a lease together and I went back to Austin to sell my car & all my furniture, quit my job, and say goodbye to all my friends and family. I got a teaching job here in the East bay, so the transition was perfect.

After touching down at SFO, I got some texts from him basically saying ‘nevermind’ and that he wanted to break up. I had like three days to find a place to live! When I finally found HomeShare it was like my refuge in this city where I knew no one. I’ve made some of my best friends through this experience.

That definitely doesn’t sound like a soft landing into San Francisco living, how has that transition worked out? I really look at this career change as a silver lining in what could have been an all around terrible life experience. I love being in San Francisco and am excited to start fresh. I definitely miss my life in Austin, but if I had to land anywhere I’m glad it was San Francisco.

Let’s dig a little deeper into what you love about being here in San Francisco? I really like hiking and exploring to find the best brunch spots + bottomless mimosas in the city. Current favorites are Tennessee Valley Trail and Stock in Trade! I love that there’s always some new museum, park, or restaurant to try, and I’ve had a great time exploring SF.

Where can we find you on a Sunday afternoon? On Sundays you can find me playing kickball with my SF Social league. We usually hang out at Dolores Park before and check out new dinner spots each week after.

Having been through the experience and knowing what you know today, what advice would give to someone starting fresh in San Francisco? The best advice I can give to anyone starting new in the city is to not get stuck in your neighborhood. In SF, we have these amazing places just minutes apart with their own unique cultures. It’s easy to find the good food & drink spots near where you live and hang out with your friends at those places, but if you get outside your bubble, you can find so many amazing things. I’m in SOMA, but some of my favorite spots here are in the Mission, the Marina, and even across the Golden Gate & Bay Bridge!

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