Our Best Bets for Getting Around the Bay Area

The Basics

Bart: The loudest sound in history is said to have been made by the Krakatoa volcanic eruption in 1883. The title for second loudest sound goes to the infernal screeching found aboard any Bart train. Connecting San Francisco to the East Bay and beyond, Bart’s frequent train service makes it the best way to avoid the Bay Bridge as well as the most affordable way to time travel to the 80’s. Bart is also the coolest acronym in the bay, standing for Bay Area Rapid Transit

Caltrain: If you’re trying to get anywhere on Peninsula, it’s more than a safe bet that Caltrain is your best option. Cheap, reliable, and fast, Caltrain runs throughout the day from downtown SF to San Jose (and technically Gilroy, but seriously…)

Muni: Besides having the dopest logo of all time, Muni is known for being the quickest way to get around the friendly confines of San Francisco. Found in the form of Street Cars (classic and modern), Cable Cars, and Busses, $2.50 can get you a long way.

SamTrans: Available up and down the Peninsula, it provides bus service throughout San Mateo County and into portions of San Francisco and Palo Alto. SamTrans also operates commuter shuttles to BART stations and community shuttles.

VTA: Short for Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, the VTA operates Light Rail and Bus service in the South Bay. The VTA is your best bet when it comes to getting to Levis Stadium and Great America, as it picks up at the Mountain View Caltrain and runs direct to all the fun!

Ridesharing: No place in the world will you find an easier pickup using Uber or Lyft. However temping those pool prices are though, odds are the bus can get you there in the same amount of time at half the cost. Newcomers to the game like Chariot offer an upscale and reserved-seating version of popular bus lines, but without the yuckiness.

Scoot: You may have seen those silly red scooters taking over every possible parking space around the city, but did you know they’re a great and fun way to get around too? Currently only available in SF, but these things are everywhere so don’t be surprised if they spread across the Bay Area in the coming months.

Taxi: Seriously? I mean when’s the last time you even saw one?

Car: Oh wow, look at Mr. Moneybags over here!

Best Options by Building

340 Fremont: Our closest location to downtown SF is also our location with the easiest transportatin options. A 4 minute walk to the temporary Transbay Terminal means you can catch a bus to virtually anywhere in SF, at least until the equally near Transit Center opens up. Walk the 3 blocks to market street and you’re at the Embarcadero Bart station.

855 Brannan: If you’re looking to head anywhere south of SF, the 4th and King Caltrain station is less than a mile away, accessible quickly via the 10 bus on Townsend street. Catching the 19 bus will bring you to Market Street in under 10 minutes.

Abaca: By far the residence with transit closest by is Abaca, with the T line streetcar stop directly across then street. This brings Homies right to Market Street, with a brief stop at the 4th and King Caltrain station. The 22nd street station is a quick 4 minute walk, so everything is in reach.

Anton Menlo: The 270–157 bus picks up right outside AM and brings you to the Redwood City Transit Center in under 20 minutes. From there Caltrain can be relied on to get you anywhere stress free!

Encasa: Half a mile from Encasa is the Fair Oaks Station where VTA comes frequently. From there you will be brought either to downtown Mountain View or San Jose.

LSeven: The 19 bus will bring you to Market Street or Bart in under 10 minutes, and you’re a 7 minute bus ride from Caltrain on the 47!

How to Pay

Every Bay Area resident needs to get a Clipper Card! Since each region has a multitude of different transit options, riders will have to sort through the confusion of which ticket goes to which system. Clipper Cards solve this problem, as every transit system in the region accepts it as a form of payment. Simply load it with cash (or a monthly pass) and all that needs to be done is press it against the card reader.

You can use cash too, I guess…

Get Out of Town

Beyond the quick Bart access to both Oakland and San Francisco International Airports, there are cost efficient bus services that run across the state. Megabus provides frequent service to Southern California and has stops in SF, Oakland, and San Jose. If you need to get a powder day in Tahoe, the Bay Area Ski Bus brings you directly to the slopes and provides discounted lift tickets to boot!

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