Safest Neighborhoods in San Francisco

The opening to what appears to be a safe, upscale neighborhood. There is 2 palm trees on each side of the street and a person walking on the crosswalk in between.

To some, San Francisco is known as a dangerous city. With reports about the growing homeless population, the rising opioid epidemic, and the surge in car break-ins, it’s hard not to believe. However, to most city residents, San Francisco is a beautiful haven with so much to offer, such as an abundance of local parks, amazing weather, and scenic views. That’s the side of San Francisco we’d like to everyone to be a part of, and that’s why we’re highlighting The Safest Neighborhoods in San Francisco. Read on to learn more about how you can afford to live in these gorgeous residencies!

Presidio Heights

As you can likely see in the image above, Presidio Heights isn’t exactly the most budget-friendly neighborhood. That’s why San Francisco’s elite class comes here to get away from the noise of The City. Thankfully, the park portion of the Presidio is open to the public for all to enjoy! And since the Presidio is protected by the Federal Government, people who live adjacent to the area enjoy the luxury of living in what is arguably the safest neighborhood in San Francisco.

The corner of a restaurant named Prascati. The restaurant seems filled with life and vibrancy.
Outside one of Russian Hill’s favorite restaurants, Prascati.

Russian Hill

Home to the Famous Lombard Street, Russian Hill is what most locals would consider ‘classic’ San Francisco. Fortunately, this neighborhood is on the border of downtown. That means it has all the resources that come with an urban lifestyle, while maintaining its relaxed vibe.

Potrero Hill

Possibly a surprise for anyone who has been around San Francisco for a long-time. What was once a mass of abandoned warehouses, has turned into a techie hotspot for startup office spaces and luxury apartments. Potrero Hill is seen as one of the most up-and-coming neighborhoods in SF due to its complete turn around from what it used to be.

Twin Peaks

Known for its central scenic view of the city, Twin Peaks is one of the safest neighborhoods in SF. This is due to its overwhelming popularity as a vista point. On one side you have the city skyline, the Bay Bridge, and the expansive East Bay. And on the other side of the peaks, you have a panorama of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean. It isn’t hard to imagine why San Franciscans hold the center of the city close to their hearts.

A brown home on a hill with lots of greenery around in. The neighborhood appears to be extravagant and well-kept.
A lovely home in Saint Francis Wood.

Saint Francis Wood

Gorgeous old homes that breathe elegance. Unfortunately, they’re obviously out of the price range of anyone who didn’t have their company IPO last year. Saint Francis High School is one of the most prestigious private schools in San Francisco, so it’s only natural that every wealthy techie who can afford to have a child in The City is clamoring to live in this safe haven neighborhood.

Noe Valley

A bustling, yet quaint section of San Francisco with a plethora of local shops and boutiques. Home to some of the nicest residents in San Francisco; Noe Valley makes you wish for a simpler time where neighbors visit each other’s small businesses and have meaningful day-to-day connections.

A site of construction. In front there is a cyclist riding. The day is sunny, bright, and seemingly safe.
A cyclist riding near one of the Dogpatch’s newest buildings, Avalon Dogpatch.


One of the city’s first mixed-use neighborhoods; the Dogpatch is a fantastic place to live if you’re searching for home that’s close to work. Also, since it’s known for being one of the few flat patches of land in SF, it’s a breeze to take your bike to work. That’s why our partner building in the area has a free bike room for residents!

Design District

Lastly, we have the Design District, otherwise known as SoMa. (Or the neighborhood South of Market st.) The Design District shelters a multitude of startups looking for office space in the old industrial warehouses. This makes it a great spot for any transplants moving into the city for work. That’s why we’ve partnered with a building in the neighborhood to provide affordable housing in this prospering locality.


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