Settling Roommate Disputes and How to Handle Them

Roommate Disputes and How to Handle Them

Are you dealing with a roommate dispute? It’s not uncommon. Roommates come from different backgrounds, locations, and cultures. But no one wants to live with someone they cannot get along with.

For example, let’s say your roommate doesn’t seem to be pulling his or her weight in the cleaning department? How can you approach this situation without causing even more tension?

The answer boils down to communication, respect, a touch of wisdom, and flexibility. Let’s dive in deeper to examine the best way to implement these qualities.


Honest communication that doesn’t blow up the situation out of control is critical to address negative situations.


Respecting your roommates time and needs is a key part of handling disputes. Learn to compromise. This might mean setting up a schedule for who gets to use the main room at certain times of the week. Think about what they other person needs to respect your different views.


Sometimes it is just better to avoid the drama of a dispute, rather than be right. Recognize the importance of picking your battles. Be fair with your requests and consider how your roommate might feel.


The way you view the dispute plays a critical role in the result. Also, don’t feel pressured to make friendship the goal. Have an open mind, see things from the other person’s perspective, be respectful and polite and many disputes will work themselves out.

Whether you are dealing with money issues or dirty dishes in the sink, these four basic principles can guide you towards calm and respectful conflict resolutions.

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