The Best Resources for Finding Roommates in San Francisco in 2019


According to a study by the US Census Bureau, the average American will move approximately eleven times during their lifetime. In stark comparison, the average European only moves four. Americans’ geographic mobility can be attributed to many different reasons unique to our country, but by far, the most prominent factor in prompting someone to move to a new location is their profession.

The United States is unique in a sense that has its own different regions and a multitude of different markets. Depending on how well a region’s job market performs directly correlates to the frequency of residents moving in and out of the area. For example, as the American auto and manufacturing industry has dwindled during the 21st century, more Americans have moved out of markets in the Rust Belt like Detroit in favor for more tech-centric job markets in cities in the Sun Belt such as Austin.

As people are also moving out of rural areas and into urban areas, other large American markets and cultural centers such as New York and Los Angeles have historically seen their metropolitan areas’ populations increase steadily year after year since their inception.

Many of America’s major markets simply haven’t been able to keep up with the housing demands for its ever-migrating population. Bureaucracy by local, state, and federal governments and housing authorities has blocked many of these markets from building sufficient affordable places for their residents to live.

San Francisco’s housing market is the perfect microcosm that brings all of these issues to light. As the technology industry has begun to dominate the local corporate landscape, students, young professionals, immigrants, and locals have converged into this quaint major city to find new life and the housing supply simply can’t keep up

Historically, houses or apartments have normally housed individuals, couples, or families. Due to housing shortages and rising rental costs in many major American cities like San Francisco, people simply cannot afford to buy or even rent an entire unit. In order to meet the high cost of rent, more people are now sharing houses and apartments with roommates.

It’s commonplace that you’ll have a house or apartment filled with an eclectic mix of people from all different walks of life. You’ll often be exposed to be people of different cultures and backgrounds, and you’ll definitely have your fair share of interesting conversations and interpersonal experiences.

Your roommates can easily turn into your biggest enemies or some of your best friends, so it’s imperative you find roommates you’ll get along with. Many of San Francisco’s residents, especially the younger generation, rely on scouring the Internet to find roommates. Individuals who have no connections such as family, friends, or colleagues, put all of their trust in the Internet to help them find new homes and people to live with.

The importance of finding compatible roommates can make or break your San Francisco experience and should never be understated. Here are some of the best websites and online resources to help you find roommates in San Francisco in 2019:

1. HomeShare

HomeShare is a San Francisco-based housing startup who helps make cities more accessible to the average person. HomeShare understand the pains that comes along with finding new roommates and living with incompatible roommates, which is why they offer free algorithm-assisted roommate matching service and a dedicated Customer Experience team, ensuring all residents are happy with their roommates.

In the event you’re still unhappy with a roommate, HomeShare will be happy to find new, more compatible roommates to match you with. They also offer monthly resident get-togethers so that all HomeShare tenants across different properties will have a sense of community and camaraderie. Accompanying their roommate matching service and their dedicated Customer Experience team is their extensive catalog of buildings in San Francisco (and other markets).

2. Craigslist

Since the dawn of the Internet Age, Craigslist has been the undisputed king of classified posting boards. Cars, jobs, houses, TV’s, forums, free stuff, and people seeking “romantic” connections are just some of the things you’ll find. Naturally, Craigslist is one of the first places that comes to mind when people are looking for roommates.

Craigslist is infamous for its hit-or-miss experiences and its shady characters, but that’s not to say you won’t find your ideal roommate there! Utilize its features and subsections to your advantage. You can even consider posting a “seeking” ad in the location you want to live, this way people will reach out to YOU and you can determine if they’ll be a fit.

Invariably you’ll find an overwhelming amount of people searching for roommates and offering rooms for rent. From this infinite sea of links and random posts, and, like picking a needle from a haystack, you’re tasked with the nearly impossible challenge finding your dream home AND compatible roommates.

3. Facebook Groups

As social media dominates the lives of many Americans, a prominent, yet sometimes-overlooked means of finding roommates is Facebook groups. Facebook groups can be an incredibly useful tool when seeking a new home and new roommates.

For example, many Bay Area college students have felt the pains of the region’s challenging housing markets. The lack of affordable housing and homelessness are real issues that local college and university students face. In order to combat this, many students have turned to Facebook groups to keep other students in the loop about accessible and affordable housing situations.

Of course, there are Facebook groups dedicated solely for housing. With the thousands of groups dedicated strictly to people seeking and providing homes for rent, you won’t have a hard time finding roommates here. It can be a challenge finding the best roommate for you as people of all demographics, personalities, and backgrounds are all seeking housing in these groups.

4. Roomiematch

Roomiematch is one of the pioneers of roommate matching services. Roomiematch allows you to create a profile for free, similar to a profile you’d make on a dating website. Once you create your profile, other users on Roomiematch who are looking for a place to stay will have the ability to reach out to you.

However, if you want to proactively reach out to other prospective roommates, you’ll need to pay $19.99 a month for a premium membership. Nevertheless, Roomiematch is a great resource when seeking new roommates.

5. Roomster

Roomster is also a great roommate finding service. Similar to Roomiematch, its users are all prompted create their own profile so that other users will be able to get a general snapshot of someone’s personality and lifestyle.

Roomster is also more catered to the more social media-savvy audience as the service encourages its users to share their social media links on their profile. However, in order to view another user’s full Roomster profile, including their social media links, users must upgrade to a paid account which costs a hefty $29.99 for a four-week membership.

With the seemingly endless amount of resources at our disposal, it can be incredibly overwhelming choosing the best method when it comes down to finding a new home and roommates. As roommate matching services are becoming more and more necessary in our evolving housing economy, it’s important to choose the service that suits your needs the most.

HomeShare’s free algorithm-assisted roommate matching service and dedicated Customer Experience team is built for today’s world, keeping up with today’s technology and information-driven society while still maintaining unmatched customer service by a real human being.

6. Roomi

You’ve got big plans. Maybe you’re moving for work, or traveling just because—but wherever you’re headed, an old-school, yearlong lease won’t cut it anymore. That’s why Roomi was created. Roomi’s goal is to help you find flexible, affordable housing and connect with roommates who make the big city feel like home.

HomeShare is on a mission to make finding affordable living easy! If you’re in the market to find an affordable and luxury place to stay in then please take a quick look at what we have to offer here!


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