We Looked At Some of The Highest Paying Jobs In The Bay Area and This is What We Learned

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Across the United States, Investopedia claims that the highest paying job title is still secured by anesthesiologists, who make a median pay of $265,990, according to 2018 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This is closely followed by surgeons who have an annual salary of $251,890 and then oral surgeons, $242,740 and the list continues with health professions occupying most of the top 25, with a few exceptions of executive and engineering jobs spotting the list.


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On average, the anesthesiologist goes through twelve years of education — four years for an undergraduate degree, another four years of medical school, and the last four years of residency. This heavily supports the popular belief that the more years of school one has, the more one tends to make in their career. But in the Bay Area, where it is known as a technology and IT mecca more than health, you might meet people who have only been through undergraduate school and already make half of what these health professionals do.


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According to Spectrum.ieee,  Director of Product Management is at the winning slot in Silicon Valley, making an annual salary of $187,000, a statistic from Indeed.com. This occupation requires full management of the product process, including planning, supervision, execution, and customer receptivity. They will work with numerous departments of a company, not excluding engineering, design, marketing, etc. It seems that a combination of both engineering and business is the current recipe for success in The Bay. Compass verifies this, calling Directors of Product Management the “best-compensated tech workers.”


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The next highest paying job on the list is Senior Reliability Engineer who is responsible for updates and installations to make sure the product is running smoothly. They hold an average annual salary of $181,100 and will also be in charge of addressing any engineering problems the product is anticipating or confronting and resolve accordingly. Head of Engineering may also be included in this category. The Senior Reliability Engineer is someone who will have been at the company a while and received a promotion. Although more than four years of education is not needed for this job, many years of work experience is required instead.


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After this position, a salary of $150,000-170,000 is usually given to all kinds of engineers, ranging from Software Engineering Managers, Machine Learning Engineers, Software Architects, and Program Developers. Residents of the Bay Area know and understand the ubiquity of programming careers all too well, considering Silicon Valley holds a large number of people pursuing them.

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Subsequent to these professions are other professional services like Lawyers. Biz Journal Inc. grabbed a report from Glassdoor that disclosed a median base of $156,400. Aside from non-technology professions, it’s understandable why people come to the Bay pursuing tech jobs in Silicon Valley. There are even other companies that contribute to the overall effort of achieving these high paying careers all while banking on its well-known success. App Academy is a bootcamp/coding school that teaches anyone how to code and doesn’t charge for tuition until after your first programming job is secured. It makes learning affordable, because of the reliability of these high-paying tech careers.


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