Tips on Coliving Successfully and Peacefully

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In our previous Coliving article, we told you about what communal living is, and why it’s beneficial for living in impacted cities. People choose the colife because it’s affordable; there are many coliving space services like Homeshare that make this possible with not only reasonable prices but luxurious housing and great amenities. There are also other perks like working with a flexible housing term and having a family-like atmosphere at home. Going back to college dorm days, coliving has now extended to post-graduate and young professional life.

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Living with housemates can take some getting used to if you’re not familiar with it. It is often unheard of to magically become best friends with your housemates but there are ways to maintain a good relationship with them and have a smooth transition into a new coliving space.

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Take these tips into consideration when choosing to colive!

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  1. Roommate Compatibility

Firstly, it’s important to house with people you’re compatible with. You could be a total night owl and that means you wouldn’t want to come home and make noise around your quiet housemates who have gone to bed at 8PM. You could also be more compatible with people who may be in your line of work and have a similar personality to yours. Or, even different people work well together and enjoy the dynamics of the diversity of personalities. Luckily, at Homeshare, we have a roommate-matching algorithm that groups the bests of housemates together. This allows for a peaceful and accommodating atmosphere at home all year round. Remember to be open-minded when living with other people, especially if it’s something you’re not used to.

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  1. Communication

Above all housemate rules, communication is the most important one. You’ll hear of horror housemate stories and fights between housemates, but most of them begin with miscommunication. Being polite is the best way to go about things, especially in the beginning when you don’t know each other very well. When being confrontational about things that bother you, it’ll help to be straightforward but respectful at the same time. It’s also just as important to receive confrontation respectfully as well.

For example, “Hey Maggie, I would appreciate it if you could let us all know beforehand, when you plan to bring guests over” sounds better and more likely to get through to Maggie rather than “Hey Maggie, it was really annoying that your friend came over when we didn’t expect them to.”

This is another example of setting rules which should take place RIGHT WHEN YOU MOVE IN. With rules and boundaries set in place upon moving in, it will prevent so many more fights or disagreements from happening. From letting your housemates know about guests to discussing when and who is in charge of what chores, keeping in touch with what your housemates want and being respectful of those wishes will result in happy homes.

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  1. Responsibilities and Respect

The biggest complaint you’ll hear from college coliving will always have to do with responsibilities, or lack thereof. You won’t be surprised when you continue to hear of these post-college. A lot of problems usually arise from neglect of cleanliness, overuse of an amenity, or failure to respect shared spaces. Everyone has a different way of doing things, such as “clearing the living room” or “cleaning the kitchen.” Be sure to specific what needs to be done for each chore if you’re a stickler for these sort of things.

The good thing about Homeshare is that housemates pay their bills separately to HQ so there doesn’t need to be a middleman for paying rent. Other responsibilities will need to be transparent though, as well as what’s shareable and what’s not. Let it be known that maybe your housemate will want you to know she doesn’t like it when you eat her food in the fridge!

A tip for all future housemates is to set up a google calendar that will be visible for everyone in the same home; that way, you can see when people will be home or not.

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As long as there is compatibility, communication, and respect, you can expect a great experience coliving. Hopefully, these tips will secure you a successful move-in!

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