Does Co-Living ruin productivity? Here are some tips to stay productive in a Co-Living environment


All the parties and community events at a co-living space can be distracting. Most of the time, people work from home and having a productive environment is crucial to get work done.

Co-living comes with a lot of benefits such as more affordable rent and a dedicated community for your social life, however, that can also lead to a lot of distractions.

In this article, we’ll cover some basic tips that you can apply in order to stay productive in a co-living environment.

Having a routine

One of my family members eats at the same place every day and has the same routine for everything work-related every day. Why does he do this? Because it keeps him productive.

A morning ritual, even something as simple as meditating to start off the day or roasting coffee can help you get ready for the day and set you up for success.

Staring work around the same time each day and disconnecting at the same time will help you stay productive and keep work-life balance separately. On top of all that, having a daily routine can help minimize stress!

Have a to-do list

I can’t emphasize the importance of a daily and long term to-do list. You can use an app like Wunderlist for this. Especially when you’re working on a variety of projects with different deadlines, it’s crucial to stay organized to make sure you get everything completed on time.

Ensure that you won’t “stop” work until you’re all finished up with your daily to-do list. This will allow you to juggle your own time and get things done.

The Pomodoro technique

Have you heard of the Pomodoro technique? If you haven’t, it’s quite simple and can help you stay productive in a co-living environment. It’s simple and I like to call it sprint mode.

Choose an important task from your to-do list that you would like to tackle for 25 minutes. During those 25 minutes, you only work on that task in a distraction-free environment. Then, you would take a 10-minute break of no work and continue with your next task. Works like a charm.

There are a lot of apps that can help with this.

Go on work mode with other people in your community

You know they say that peer pressure works and if you have another buddy working alongside with you, I can ensure you that your productivity level will soar!

As long as you both are actually doing “work”. Working together can help you speed up your productivity.

You can hold each other accountable for finishing projects, help each other out when you get stuck.

Celebrate small wins together and maybe grab a drink at happy hour towards the end of the day!

Use noise canceling headphones

This one sounds a bit funny right, but guess what it works. For those who get easily distracted by extraneous noises, investing in a pair of noise-canceling headphones can be an excellent solution. Your peers are also less likely to bother you when they see that you are in the zone and in a productive work mode!

It’s all about equipping yourself with the right tools.

Create a dedicated workstation

Another big problem with people living in a co-living space is that they tend to roam around or work out of the main community area. This doesn’t work well because people are always in and out and minor distractions can occur.

It’s best to have a dedicated work desk where you can get work done. Think of it as a mini home office that you can take advantage of.


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