What exactly is a converted room?


You’ve probably heard the term converted living or converted room in the past during your apartment hunt. Most people that are searching for homes right now actually has no clue what a converted room is.

At HomeShare, converted living is a popular option that you can choose when you’re looking for your next affordable apartment.

In simple words, a converted room is a “shared room” that can be split with something like a pressurized wall. What exactly is a pressurized wall you may ask?

A pressurized wall is simply a temporary wall that can be installed to “create” an extra room. Think of this as a slider.

The pressurized wall could be applied in any room. This can be the kitchen, living room, a master bedroom and more. This is actually an extremely common practice in the housing market for apartments in the Bay Area due to the high rent cost of individual rooms.

Is it legal?

You might wonder if it’s legal to have a converted room since most regulations require that you list the “right” amount of rooms in a house.

Some buildings have code regulations that forbid the erection of pressurized walls due to structural issues within the building.

Some landlords would tell you that its perfectly legal to build a pressurized wall and turn it into a converted room. However, the only way for a pressurized wall to be truly legal is if you obtain permits.

How to find converted living spaces?

Once you start searching online for Bay area apartments for rent, you will occasionally see listings that announce, “Opportunity for flex 2 bed,” or 2 bedroom / flex 3 bedroom apartment.”

This means that the “flex 2 bed” is really a one-bedroom that can be converted into a two-bedroom and the “flex 3 bedroom” is really a two-bedroom that can be converted into a three-bedroom.

The easiest method would be to visit HomeShare and take a quick look at some of our affordable apartments that have converted or flex living as an option.

If you are reading this article, chances are that you’ve done some research on the housing market in certain areas. If you haven’t already, here’s a great resource for finding the living cost in certain areas.

Converted living spaces will allow you to stay in an expensive area for a much cheaper price.

You might also feel that a converted room may look “ugly” and noise could be a problem. If you have good roommates, then noise shouldn’t be a problem as long as everyone respects each other.

You could also make the converted space look nice. Take a look at some example photos below:

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Related image

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Putting it together

Converted living is a great option for those that are looking to rent in an expensive city. There are a lot of options out there and a lot of landlords are willing to be flexible on that end.

The key is to choose a good space with respectable roommates and you can always add decorations to the room to make it look better.

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