What’s The Hype Behind Philz Coffee and The Tech Scene?

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If someone were to give you a cup of coffee that was supposed to be just for you, you’d probably expect them to make it right in front of you. Or get you a cup of Philz. That is the dream of Philz Coffee: to create a really great cup of coffee personalized for you. That means not ordering at a Starbucks and getting your name misspelled on purpose!

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Starting out in the Mission District of San Francisco, founder Phil Jaber focused on his coffee business, not wanting to leave a liquor store behind as his legacy. It took him 7 years to perfect a blend called Tesora, a classic favorite flavor of butter and caramel, and has since now created more than 30 blends in total. Phil swears that “the best coffee is the coffee that comes to your own personal taste.” Going from just one family location to now 52 locations shows that they are doing something right. But what is it that they’re doing right, and what makes Business Insider Inc. call them “the new Blue Bottle?


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Not only did Business Insider Inc. call them “the new Blue Bottle”, but they also deemed Philz Coffee as a darling of Silicon Valley. It makes sense; tech investors have put in about $75 million, according to the article. It is starting to become associated with the tech company culture in the Bay Area with startups and such, instead of white collar corporate companies. You’ll probably see more hoodies and beanies than suits and briefcases in the Philz Coffee shops. In the Bay Area, people are shifting from Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee to Philz Coffee for, what it seems like, the artisanal drinks that confirm how personable the drinks make customers feel.

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Coffee drinkers are growing tired of Mocha Frappuccinos and pink drinks, even though it seems recent when that was all the rage. Remember those? A mixture of their Refresher Strawberry Acai and a secret ingredient of Coconut Milk drew in customers asking for “one of the most instagrammable drinks” at Starbucks. But a new “instagrammable” drink is entertaining more than just the caffeine fixers; “instagrammers” find content (and likes) in Philz Coffee drinks. They’re more interested in Philz’s most popular drink, Mint Mojitos, a blended iced drink with sweetener, cream, and the winning ingredient, mint. Who knew mint could make coffee still taste so good?

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If one can hold anything against the beloved San Franciscan coffee brand, its price may be the first contender. Their small size is much more expensive than its competitors – some even $3 more. It could be due to the millennial culture of liking the “instagrammable” and aesthetic nature of presentation rather than quality itself, but Philz Coffee claims it’s the overall experience that customers pay for, and not the coffee.

A student in the Bay Area says “Philz Coffee is something different. You feel like a Bay Area hipster when you have a cup of Philz Coffee in your hand, even when you’re not. If they grow bigger than what they are now, they need to keep that magic, no matter what.”

Their appeal to hipster creativity is what drives people through their doors than the normal cup of coffee. Their Mint Mojito looks artistic in itself. Luckily for Philz, they attract more than just hipsters and tech junkies: hipster wannabes and tech junkie wannabes. In Forbes’ Philz Coffee: Silicon Valley’s Cup Of Choice, current CEO Jacob says, “We think of ourselves as more in the people business than the coffee business.” Jacob is right not to worry about coffee; their coffee business was sealed in when his dad worked for years to perfect their blends!

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For years, Philz Coffee has been impressing people individually and personally with their coffee and culture. They’ve truly made a personal cup of coffee for everyone who enters, supporting their slogan of “one cup at a time.” After refining their recipe for great coffee and making a Bay Area impression on all customers, they are on their way to being known as the tech scene’s own exclusive coffee shop. Philz Coffee will always maintain and add to San Franciscan culture.


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