Where are they now: Nick from LSeven

How low cost of living, along with a community of like-minded and motivated individuals, helped one resident start his dream company!

Over the years, HomeShare has helped thousands of people find high quality and affordable apartments to call home. No matter how many people we’ve helped get their start in a new city, hearing how we were able to help someone reach their career goals never gets old.

One such resident was Nick, who moved into LSeven Apartments in San Francisco in early 2017. Nick was already living in the city but was looking for a way to cut costs as he invested his hard-earned time and money into his dream gig: building a newer, better standing desk, and becoming his own boss in the process!

Easy Ergo, as seen at LSeven’s resident lounge

“HomeShare did the work for me as far as finding a great place with compatible housemates, which minimized distractions and allowed me to focus on my business.

By offering an affordable housing option in a notoriously expensive city, HomeShare proved to be a huge help for a bootstrapped business looking to maximize runway.”

Now Nick’s business is booming, and HomeShare was happy to be one of the first companies to put in an order for multiple standing desks!

You can find Nick’s desks for purchase online at https://easyergo.co/

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