Why is rent in San Francisco so ridiculous?

Let’s illustrate the problem with this highly detailed and technically complex diagram:

See the problem? On the one side, it’s great that great numbers of new jobs are being created in our cities at a fantastic rate. Sounds great.

What’s not so great is the now standard experience of renting an apartment in San Francisco. If you’ve ever been to an open house in Nob Hill or SoMa, you know the drill. Search Craigslist for those ephemeral gems hidden in the chaos and scams, reply to posts that are sometimes so terse you’d think Craigslist was now run by Twitter.

Then, you show up and form an orderly everybody-for-themselves mob, where only those who have been through it before have learned the tricks that the out-of-towners haven’t seen yet: Bring your deposit check, credit report, job offer letter, pay stubs, references, a pre-filled out application and a coffee for the landlord. If you don’t have that submitted within twenty minutes, the place is gone.

Your other option is to get out of the city, live away from the place you need to be every day and drive an hour through the city traffic… every day. That insanely high rent for that nice quick morning stroll to the office now seems worth it.

UberPOOL’s approach to reducing traffic in cities is a smart one:

Step 1) Get everyone’s travel requests into a big database.

Step 2) Match up requests that will work well together.

Step 3) Learn to share.

And bingo bango, we have better use of our limited number of city-street clogging cars. Computers now organize the use of them.

Could we do the same for our long-term housing? Sure, why not?

Databases are beginning to organize what we dowhere we gohow we get there and how we work. Not to mention, what we watch (when chilling or otherwise), what we buy and where we stay when we travel.

So here’s the plan. Put your housing preferences into a database (Moving date? Next month. Budget? Sensible. Fancy lounge? Yes, please.) And start matching. Get four people together who by themselves couldn’t cover the income requirements of a four-person luxury apartment, and with their powers combined, you’re living in style and walking to the office each day.

And as the pool grows, the more suited the housemate matches will be.

HomeShare’s product is a standardized, luxurious, affordable city living experience. We convert luxury apartments, match and manage who your housemates are, so that your rent is cheaper, your commute is shorter, your housemates are cooler and your lifestyle is better.

We launched six months ago, and we now have nearly 100 customers living in our apartments.

We believe hard-working, everyday people deserve access to affordable housing. Housing developers tend to only build luxury housing, because the high structural costs of construction and scarcity of land. This leaves working class San Franciscans and new residents under the pressure of high rent.

“Your rent is cheaper, your commute is shorter, your housemates are cooler and your lifestyle is better.”

It seems that no one is working for renters to make rent cheaper; no one is addressing this very real thing that people need.

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter. If you know someone looking to live in San Francisco, who enjoys fancy rooftop terraces, send them our way. If you want to live in a nice place without commuting an hour each way each day to your new job, hit us up.

See you in the heart of SF!

The HomeShare Team — Jeff, Tom, Rick, Joanne and Anjennette

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